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Legal Terms of Agreement

Terms of service agreement

This is a legal contract (hereinafter referred to as ”Agreement”) between Vandera trading Limited, whose registered office is located Unit 2, York House, Avonmore Place, London, England, W14 8RW acting in accordance with the Articles of Association, its successors and assigns (hereinafter referred to as Vandera), and the any individual or legal entity or other corporate body (hereinafter referred to as "Customer" or "Client") who has completed the application to open an Individual/Corporate Trading Account. In consideration of Vandera shall carry one or more accounts of the undersigned Customer and provide services to the Customer in connection with the purchase and sale of foreign exchange contracts,

the Customer agrees to the following:


This Agreement is to govern all transactions between the Customer and Vandera performed on Crypto trading accounts (hereinafter referred to as the “Crypto Account (-s)”). Subject to the terms expressly stipulated below Vandera shall provide services in respect of foreign currencies, crypto currencies and precious metals contracts (herein below referred to as “FX contracts”) to retail and wholesale clients. FX contract shall mean a leveraged transaction made via The Vandera High Frequency Trading electronic platforms for the purchase or sale of a financial instrument, aimed on generating profit arising out of speculating activity or for hedging purposes, provided that such transaction does not give rise to an obligation relating to, or resulting in physical delivery of financial instrument and does not assume currencies conversion operations subject to physical delivery. For the removable of doubts upon settlement of the FX contract, the difference in value between the opening and closing positions will either be credited or debited to the Customer’s account according to the profit or loss for the transaction. Vandera executes all trading orders subject to the available liquidity. Vandera will provide execution through the High Frequency trading trading system.  holds the multi-currency exposure as such corresponds to all the Customer’s transactions.



The registered e-mail address and the Password are used to enter Your vandera trading area. You must take all reasonable steps to keep Your registered e-mail address, the Password, login and password to Crypto Account and Exchange Platform Terminal, (collectively - Credentials) safe at all times and never disclose it to anyone. You must take all reasonable care to ensure that Your registered e-mail account as part of the Credentials is secure and only accessed by You, as Your registered e-mail address may be used to reset other Credentials or to communicate with You about the security of Your Crypto Account. In case the registered e-mail address is compromised, You should without undue delay after becoming aware of this contact Customer Service and also contact Your registered e-mail service provider. In relation to the Credentials, You hereby acknowledge and undertake that: (a) You will be responsible for the confidentiality and use of Your Credentials; (b) other than with Vandera prior written consent, You will not disclose Your Credentials to persons other than your authorized representatives for any purpose whatsoever;



In line with stringent European Union regulations regarding crypto assets, brokerages and money laundering laws. All Fresh deposits made into retail accounts below 49,000 USD are locked for a period of 60 trading days. During this period clients are free to withdraw their trading profits. These laws are not set by the company and we are required to honour them to run our business in the EU.

Multiple withdrawals and deposits of the same amount within a period of 72hours will be scanned for money laundering and round tripping of funds between exchanges and introducing brokers.

All funds of fresh deposits are sent to cold crypto wallets, which adhere to bank grade security which Vandera uses to store all trading funds on its platforms. This offers us stability in managing our 63,000 retail traders.

All funds on vandera are kept segregated banks for liquidity and trading capital kept in Cold wallets which offer us total fund security as required by regulation.

 In the case of a severe Cryptocurrency Market Dip. Vandera Trading Ltd will not be held responsible for the effects on our trading platform. Users and traders are expected to acknowledge this risk before proceeding to trade on our platform.

4.          Introducing brokers

After meeting all conditions to become an introducing broker(hereafter referred to as IB) , Introducing broker are required to :

Execute all pin requests of clients in their region through their request portal.

Introducing brokers are not staff of Vandera, Neither are they official representatives of Vandera. 

Vandera will also protect IBs from fraud by tracking and freezing any verified fraud activity targeted at IBs, either through non payment for services delivered or impersonation. Clients are hereby advised to pay for all services rendered by Introducing brokers.

Introducing brokers are not permitted to hoard payments meant for pins in private accounts, all pin payments must be forwarded in bitcoin/Tether (usdt)  to Vandera Trading ltd E Pin purchase wallets.

Vandera Trading Ltd does not receive Pin payments through Bank Wire transfers from any Introducing broker. Promoters are expected to convert local currencies to  Cryptocurrency to order E pins from Vandera.

 Vandera reserves the right to shut down the epin purchase portal in any situation where it is deemed we cannot process deposit requests.

Any User with 50,000USd and above can order e-pins from Vandera Directly by applying to epinservices@vandera.io

5.          Vandera signals usage

Client agrees to trade on Strong Buy Signals on Stocks and Buy signals on currencies and crypto currencies. Vandera will not be held liable for not using our signal service properly

Vandera will not be held liable for Gambling by traders who do not adhere to our trading instructions

Vandera will always provide the signals platform and execute all trades placed on the platform.

6.          Double ( Duplicate trades) errors

Clients are required to request withdrawals of any excess trades spotted on their trading account. E.g If a 100$ trade is placed and a client notices 2 trades of 100$, the client is required to request a withdrawal of the extra trade and its profits.

Duplicate trades are as a result of feed latency and the system is gradually getting updates to completely phase out the issue.

Vandera reserves the right to freeze any account taking advantage of duplicate trades till a complete audit it completed.


7.          Institutional Accounts

All Accounts with 100,000 USD and above are legally referred to as Corporate or Institutional accounts.

Minimum withdrawals stand at 10,000USD

Clients are given access to our trading facilities in Singapore, and VIP services as seen in the terms sent to your e-mail.

Retail accounts are required to setup a company in their area of jurisdiction to access Corporate accounts.

Vandera reserves the right to reject applications which do not satisfy our conditions.


8.          Multiple accounts

At vandera we do not accept multiple accounts in one name, all clients with multiple accounts are required to put in requests for a merger.

9. Force Majeure Event

In the case of a Force Majeure event, the Client shall accept the risk of financial losses.

Users who are not satisfied with our terms of Agreement are advised not to use our services.